Privacy Policy - Comments Search for Youtube

This privacy policy explains what data we have access to, why we need such access and how we handle it.

We do not track, collect or store data related to your activity while using the extension. The extension relies on Youtube API to access public data like comments and videos and is subject to their Terms of Service.


When you first install the extension you are asked to grant the following permissions:

This permission is required to allow the extension to load and become part of the relevant youtube page when you need it.


The extension uses HTTPS-Only connections to access the Internet.


We do not use cookies or share data with third-parties.

Data stored Locally

Data stored on your device includes non-personal information such as the API key used by the extension and changes to the default settings among other preferences.

Data stored Remotely

If you have provided an API key, we use it for authentication with our backend server. It is important to note that this key is anonymous and can not be used to reveal information about the end-user.

Source Code

The extension source code is regularly updated and available to view on Github.