Lett Project

Privacy Policy - Proxy Tab

This privacy policy explains what data we have access to, why we need access to such data and how we handle it.

Extension Permissions

When you first install the extension you are asked to grant the following permissions:

This is required for the extension core functionality and used to redirect any HTTP request initiated by the page you opened via the extension to a remote (Proxy) server for fetching. This access is limited only to the tab opened by you and does not affect your normal browsing in any way.

Access to Data

When you request to open a link via the extension, the initial request URL and all subsequent requests made by the page are sent to a backend server for handling. That server has access to those requests and their content, as well as other technical data such as your IP address, type of client (user-agent) and operating system.

Requests are fetched and transmitted immediately to the client, we do not store content on our servers, collect, share or sell user data or any data related to users activity. We may however use non-personally identifiable information such as type and extent of usage in order to prevent abuse, restrict illegal activity, reduce operational costs and improve our service.

Data Handling

All communications between the frontend client and backend server used to provide the service are made via secure and encrypted connections (HTTPS) only.

Client Source Code

The source code for the frontend client (the extension) is available to view publicly on Github.

Cloud Hosting

Our servers are hosted on major cloud providers platforms and are subject to their terms and policies.

Third Party Partnership

We do not have and not planning to have partnerships with third party providers.